Career Testimonials

The Master of Health Management degree is a highly sought after graduate program. Within one year of graduating, more than half of our graduates experience a change in job title, position, or level. Our graduates are leaders in their workplace and communities. They have received numerous awards, presented at national and international conferences and published their work.

We celebrate the success of our alumni and students!

  • Jennifer McHenrick

    “After completing the Program, we once again moved and I needed to look for a new job. I joined a therapy tele-practice company and quickly moved into the position of Director of Client Services. Having the MHM credential and experience on my resume was a key support in achieving this position, without needing to work my way up the ladder in a new company.”

    Jennifer MacKendrick Weber

    Class of 2014

  • Greg Martyn

    “I'm Greg Martyn, and I am the Director of Projects at the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research in Vancouver. I have undergrad degrees in Kinesiology and Nursing, and spent most of my career in research administration, first in the pharmaceutical industry, and now in the public sector. I no longer work in a clinical setting, and a degree focussed purely on management was relevant for me. The single most important feature of the program was the connection to my career in health research administration. The courses consistently drew on my experience in clinical practice, and my work in health research. The Schools of Rehabilitation Science and Business at McMaster have designed an excellent learning opportunity in the MHM program, and the relationships with classmates in the program were an integral part of the experience. My ability to manage projects, finances, and relationships were all enhanced, and the learning about leadership practice was the single most valuable feature of the program for me. I would recommend Mac's MHM program to health professionals interested in developing more sophisticated thinking about health management issues, and a more robust suite of skills with which to respond to the wide variety of questions we encounter in today's environment and economy.”

    Greg Martyn

    Class of 2015

  • Natalie Oake

    “My name is Natalie Oake and I'm an epidemiologist from Sydney Nova Scotia. I chose to pursue the MHM program for two main reasons. The first reason was the variety of courses as well as the experiences and knowledge of the professors offering those courses was very appealing to me. Another main reason for pursuing this program was the flexibility that it provided a full time working professional like myself. The online platform was very easy to navigate and provided a great environment to connect with fellow students, professors and have all the information in one location.”

    Natalie Oake

    Class of 2016

  • Lee Yeates

    “During my first two years of the MHM, as I was simultaneously learning about policy, management, and leadership, I was able to write and submit a white paper, Patients at the Centre: Sustaining Rural Maternity - It's All About the Surgery!. This became the catalyst and foundational document for a provincial proposal to develop rural health services delivery networks across British Columbia. This proposal received preliminary approval for a $27 million five-year grant. And secondly with the theory and proposal developed in my Scholarly Paper "Developing a Collaborative Culture Between Physicians and Registered Midwives Across Rural British Columbia" I was awarded $275,000 to actively lead and deliver the Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Development Workshop for 75 participants. My the scholarly activity in the Master of Health Management program has both supported my leadership journey and helped me gain the confidence and credentials necessary to move into the next phase of her career. I co-lead the provincial Primary Maternity Care portfolio resulting in a report about interprofessional collaboration that was presented at provincial, national and international conferences. I'm now completing a PhD at University of British Columbia.”

    Lee Yeates

    Class of 2017

  • Grace Yeung

    “I am an obstetrician-gynecologist at Scarborough General Hospital who has had a longstanding interest in health policy and administration. I worked as a summer intern policy analyst at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care before attending medical school, participated in national boards related to my field, and authored clinical practice guidelines for the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada. I'm passionate about women's health and providing clinical care. I also care about how healthcare is run and how it can be more efficient. We're able to combine what we learn in class with what we encounter on the job. We can discuss real challenges and apply what we are learning to develop solutions. It is important for individuals with frontline clinical experience to be part of healthcare administration. The MHM Program teaches the language, skills and knowledge that clinicians need to excel in these leadership roles.”

    Grace Yeung

    Class of 2018

  •  Kirstin Kennedy

    “I believe that the MHM program teaches leaders crucial translational knowledge that can impact and elevate a student's personal and professional life, as well as the quality of healthcare in Canada. I received 3 promotions during the three years of degree! Without the foundational learnings of the MHM Program I know that I would not have had such a swift trajectory in this part of my career. As I have overseen the development of quality initiatives and a standard model of care I have leveraged the theory of each class as a source of reference and opportunity.”

    Kristin Kennedy McLennan

    Class of 2019

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