If you are a regulated health professional who wishes to:

  • Pursue graduate level education to further your career progression
  • Gain a broader understanding of the Canadian health care policy development and service delivery environment
  • Obtain core management knowledge and skills
  • Minimize interruption to your career progression

McMaster's Master of Health Management (MHM) program is for you.

Application Process

The Fall 2021 intake application cycle will OPEN October 19, 2020 through January 18, 2021.

In addition to fulfilling the Admission Requirements, an online application is required to be filled out through the School of Graduate Studies at McMaster University application portal. A direct link will be provided below during active application cycles. 

a) You may only apply to one stream, the part-time or the full-time stream. Select which stream is suitable for you.

b) Once you have accessed the online application portal site, under Academic Program click on Interdisciplinary MHM from the drop down menu.

c) The buttons and links on this page are best accessed through Google Chrome or Firefox Internet Browsers, which are available for free download from their websites.

Admission FAQs:
download here


Contents of a Complete Application Package

The following documents (1 thru 7) are considered a complete application package. You can upload these documents through the McMaster University, School of Graduate Studies application portal site within the section requesting your CV and Statement of Interest.

  1. One academic reference
    Your academic referee will be prompted to complete this form electronically, following your application submission.
    Note 1: An academic referee has an academic appointment; they can be your previous instructor, or a colleague who has an affiliation with a university through their teaching or research interests
    Note 2: An academic referee cannot act as a clinical referee as well. They must hold one role only.

  2. Two professional or workplace-related reference reports
    You are responsible for sending this form to your professional/workplace referees. Please only enter your professional/workplace referee information within the questions section of the application portal. The referee section is intended for your academic referee. 
    Note: A clinical referee cannot act as an academic referee as well. They must hold one role only.

  3. Statement of Interest (SOI) outlining your career plans and suitability for the Master of Health Management Program

  4. CV/resume

  5. As applicable, either:
    a) Proof of active registration in professional affiliation (regulated professionals) or 
    b) Determining equivalency for non-regulated health professional applicants' form  (non-regulated professionals)

  6. Transcripts
    All original, post-secondary, academic transcripts
    - These must be sent directly from the issuing institutions. 
    - The transcript must include the degree conferred date, if not then an official copy of a diploma or a letter from the issuing institution will be required confirming this information.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Official Digital copies sent from the institutions are preferred during the COVID19 Pandemic due to limited access to mail and may be sent to where possible.

  7. Proof of English Language Proficiency

  8. TOEFL score or IELTS test report (Required if English is not your native language or if English was not the language of instruction.)

    Please have items 6 & 7 mailed to:

    Master of Health Management
    Institute of Applied Health Sciences
    McMaster University
    1400 Main St. West, IAHS-403
    Hamilton, ON, Canada L8S 1C7


      Process Notes:
    1. Material sent to support an application cannot be returned.
    2. The application to the program is a multi-staged process. All completed applications will be examined. Those that meet the general requirements of the Program are assessed by our Admissions Committee. If the MHM Admissions Committee approves the application, a recommendation is submitted to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for approval. Successful candidates will receive a letter of offer from the McMaster University School of Graduate Studies. All applicants are expected to respond within the specified time to the School of Graduate Studies when accepting or declining an offer. Applicants who cannot be placed will receive notification from the MHM Admissions Committee.
    3. Meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee admission. Admission is by selection.